Sunday, October 25, 2009

1759. A burr stone pick, aka furrowing pick, mill bill, or millstone pick, used to cut the furrow in a grist mill or burr stone.

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1760. A scriber for marking parallel lines in linoleum or other material so that inlay strips may be inserted, patent number 2,553,812.

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1761. A circular saw blade holder, the small pieces on the back fit into a peg board, if you want to place it on a regular wall, you can cut off the back pieces and attach it with screws using the two slots on the sides.

1762. Levels that are mounted in a jetway, used for lining up the jet bridge with different types of aircraft:

1763. A policeman's blackjack or sap, for striking miscreants on the head, this was on display with a pair of handcuffs and a different type of blackjack that looked like a small club.

1764. A bell jar for use in a laboratory, it's placed on a base which is vented to a hose fitting, which can be connected via a hose to a vacuum pump. By pumping the air out of the bell jar, a vacuum is formed.

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